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Secure Transport

Secure Team

  • All our Team have an advanced CRB check and are trained to the following minimum standards:
  • Physical Intervention, De-escalation, Escorting & Restraint
  • Communication skills (both verbal and non-verbal)
  • Active communication
  • Secure & safe transportation
  • Emergency Driving Skills
  • Handcuff Training
  • Emergency First Aid (FPOS)
  • Safeguarding Adults and Children

This means that someone is always just a call away. Medisec Ambulance Service will demonstrate competitive rates and will give you the satisfaction and peace of mind in knowing that your service user is receiving the best possible care, from the moment that they come in to our care to the point of being received at their destination.

You may have questions, we would welcome the opportunity to meet with you in person and show you why allowing Medisec Ambulance Service to provide your transport needs will not just save you and your organisation valuable funds but will also be a positive step in ensuring nothing but the best in service and care for you: our valued client, and your service user.

Medisec Ambulance Service Secure Transport Division offers a range of services nationally including: Adult & Young Persons Secure Mental Health Transportation, Court Escorting & Supervision and Community Crisis Team Physical Intervention & Support. We currently work alongside Police Forces, NHS Foundation Trusts, Forensic Secure Unit & HMP Prison Service. We pride ourselves on our level of service, placing you, the client, at the heart of everything we do, whilst ensuring and remembering that patient care remains at the forefront of our service.

At Medisec we realise that any business thrives on building confidence and trust in the minds of our clients and to support this, our team will be on hand dedicated to meeting your needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We can provide fully trained restraint/handcuff team members to escort people to / from:

  • Court / Secure Units
  • Police Stations
  • Medical, dental or other appointments
  • Home visits
  • 24 hour secure bed watch

Contact Medisec

For more information or to enquire for a first aider to attend your event, please call: 0330 999 4062 or use our contact details

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Medisec Ambulance Service, Headquarters based in Hampshire offers a range of services nationally including; Secure Transport, Medical & First Aid Training, Event Medical Support, Donor Transport, PTS /HDU and A&E. Through our team of experienced professionals, we are able to provide a service to meet all of your business requirements.

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