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Bariatric Transfers

Our Bariatric ambulance service offers the safe and dignified transport of patients whose size or condition requires specialist assistance.

Our specialist crews are trained in the movement of bariatric patients and provide expert support to the Accident and Emergency services, as well as planned hospital visits. We are trusted by both our patients and our customers to offer a service that guarantees safety, dignity and compassion.


  • A unique, England wide service providing support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Specially designed, fully-equipped vehicles with features such as extra wide ramps
  • A service that ensures patient comfort, dignity and respect is maintained at all times


* Bariatric Stair Climber

* Bariatric Evacuation Mat

* Bariatric Wheelchair (Various sizes)

* Megasus Bariatric Stretcher

* Mangar Camal lifting cushions

We can supply Bariatric emergency hoists

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For more information or to enquire for a first aider to attend your event, please call: 0330 999 4062 or use our contact details

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Medisec Ambulance Service, Headquarters based in Hampshire offers a range of services nationally including; Secure Transport, Medical & First Aid Training, Event Medical Support, Donor Transport, PTS /HDU and A&E. Through our team of experienced professionals, we are able to provide a service to meet all of your business requirements.

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