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About Us

The UK’s Leading 24/7 Ambulance Service

Medisec Ambulance Service

offers a range of services nationally including: Secure Transport, PTS, Event Medical Support, Donor Transport, HDU and A&E. We have regular contact with mental health patients and understand the specialised requirements they need during transport.

Our guarantee is to uphold the Duty of Candour and follow the CQC for all of our patients.

Our Visions & Values

Our vision is to meet the needs of our Clients and all our patients, with a team who are well trained, caring, enthusiastic and proud of the job they do.


We will promote teamwork by taking the views of others into account. We will take a genuine interest in those who we work with, offering support, guidance and encouragement when it is needed.


We will make ourselves available to those who need to speak to us and communicate face to face whenever we can, listening carefully to what is said to us and making sure that those we work with are kept up to date and understand what is going on.

Leadership and Direction

We will demonstrate energy, drive and determination especially when things get difficult, and always lead by example.

Working and Excellence

We will demonstrate total commitment of the provision of the highest standard of patient care. Our services and activities will be ethical, kind, compassionate considerate and appropriate to patients’ needs.

Accept Responsibility

We will be responsible for our own decisions and actions as we strive to constantly improve.

Training and Development

We will provide every member of our Team the opportunity to progress and acquire new skills.

Contact Medisec

For more information or to enquire for a first aider to attend your event, please call: 0330 999 4062 or use our contact details

Contact Details

Medisec Ambulance Service, Headquarters based in Hampshire offers a range of services nationally including; Secure Transport, Medical & First Aid Training, Event Medical Support, Donor Transport, PTS /HDU and A&E. Through our team of experienced professionals, we are able to provide a service to meet all of your business requirements.

Medisec Ambulance Service Ltd